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Special Districts - Sarasota Housing Authority

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Public Purpose:
The City Commission determined, that there is a shortage of safe and sanitary  dwelling accommodations in the City of Sarasota, Florida, available to families of low income, so there is need for a housing authority in the City of Sarasota, Florida.


Governing Body:         Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Appointing Authority: City Commission 

Website: Sarasota Housing Authority website

Fiscal Year:  July 1 - June 30
Budget & Amendments: Budget - Fiscal Year 2016
                                          Budget - Fiscal Year 2017

Meeting Agendas & Materials: Click here to view meeting information

Primary Contact:

Registered Agent's Name:

William O. Russell, III Registered Office Address: 269 South Osprey Avenue, Suite 100
Sarasota, Fl 34236-4936 Telephone: (941) 361-6210 Fax: (941) 366-4661 E-mail: Website:
  Active or Inactive: Active
  Status: Dependent
  Local Governing Authority: City of Sarasota
  Function(s): Housing Authority
  Date Created/Established: February 7, 1938
  Charter including Creation Documents & Boundary: Section 421.04, Florida Statutes; Need declared by City Resolution Dated 2/7/38
  Statutory Authority: Chapter 421, Part I, Florida Statutes
  Governing Body: Local Governing Authority Appoints
  Authority to Issue Bonds: Yes
  Revenue Source: Federal
  Adopted Code of Ethics:
  n/a - Chapter 112, Part III, Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
Taxes, fees, assessments
or charges imposed & collected:

Audit Report for most recent completed fiscal year:

Audit Report as of 3-31-14
Audit Report as of 3-31-16


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