Elevation Certificates

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Effective Jan 1, 2020

All elevation certificates received by the City of Sarasota need to be in NAVD 88 datum from a published NGS benchmark or the CORS system and comply with the elevation certificate instructions.

Per Item C2 of the elevation certificate instructions:

“For the bench mark utilized, provide the PID or other unique identifier assigned by the maintainer of the benchmark. For GPS survey, indicate the benchmark used for the base station, the Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) sites used for an On-line Positioning User Service (OPUS) solution (also attach the OPUS report), or the name of the Real Time Network used.”

If you have any questions please contact Cyndi Cahill, CFM, Flood Zone Specialist at Cynthia.Cahill@sarasotaFL.gov or 941-263-6491.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate (EC) is an administrative tool used by the NFIP.  It is used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances; to determine the proper insurance premium rate; and or support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to remove a building from the Special Flood Hazard Area. 

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