Calls to Artists - Roundabouts along US 41 at 10th Steet and 14th Street

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The City has issued two Calls to Artists for the acquisition of landmark sculptures to be located in roundabouts that are currently under construction along US 41.  The Calls to Artists are open until February 28, 2019 and artists can view the Calls and submit proposals via the Café website (  Registration with Café is free to artists and there is no application fee for these Calls. 

Below are links to the two Calls.

10th Street Roundabout

14th Street Roundabout


The following appendices contain additional information for the Calls to Artists for these roundabouts.  Please note that Appendix B is a form that is required for submittal to these Calls.

10th Street Roundabout Call to Artists - Appendices A through C

 14th Street Roundabout Call to Artists - Appendices A through C


Here is a link to Appendix B, Disclosure Statement.