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 Please Click here to view the "Draft Preliminary Straight Translation Analysis Map"

The link above will bring you to a window that will open the Form-Based Code Straight Translation Map. It is the working map that was created to determine the equivalency between existing zoning lot metrics and the new transect zones proposed for the City as part of the Form-Based Code (FBC) initiative.

The map and its associated parcel data were used by the Urban Design Studio (UDS) to analyze existing conditions and to assign the new districts based upon factors such as lot size and existing and potential non-conformities.

Although this map depicts the new base zones, it is meant to work in conjunction with the new FBC, and properties shown on the map may have additional restrictions based upon other land use entitlements including, but not limited to conditional rezoning ordinances, resolutions, development or redevelopment agreements. 

UDS has also created a “Draft Calibrated Transect Zone Map” that depicts the recommended changes to the “Straight Translation Map”.




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This map is for informational purposes only and use with the Draft FBC.  It is not intended to be used for preparation of legal descriptions or instruments of conveyance.  All information is subject to verification by any user.  The City of Sarasota and its mapping staff assume no legal responsibility for the information contained herein.