Staff Directory

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Our phone numbers and extensions have changed. As we work to verify new numbers and extensions for the Directory please call (941) 263-6000 and press for our list.
Supervisor, Golf Shop
Sicora, AimeePublic Relations/Press Coord.
Stevens, AlexandraGraphic Artist
Soriano, BrandonAdministrative Specialist II
Stevens, CharlesMarketing Director
Smith Jr, CliffordPlanner
Smith, DavidManager Long Range Planning
Schnieder, GretchenGeneral Manager
Shelley, IveyAdministrative Specialist II
Sheffer, JerryBuilding/Maint Supervisor
Stiff, JosephCoord Homelessness Response
Spence, JoshuaCode Compliance Inspector
Soenneker, JudyAdministrative Spec II
Strickland, KellyDirector Finance
Scherry, LeonardCoord Capital Projects
Santangini, LizAsst to Exec Dir/Rental Coord.
Stokes, MelvinCrew Leader I
Savage, OliviaSocial Media Manager
Sheppard, PamelaParking Enforcement Specialist
Schanley, RobFacilities /Asset Manager