Vendor Corner

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Vendor Corner was created to assist the City's vendors in doing business more efficiently.

Vendor Setup Forms

Click below for vendor setup forms.  This includes:
W-9 Form
City of Sarasota Additional Information Page
ACH Payment Request Form

These forms should only be submitted if you have a pending work order or contract with the City.

Tax Exempt Form

The City of Sarasota is a municipal corporation that is tax exempt under Florida Statutes. 
Click here to download the City's Tax Exemption Certificate.

Purchasing Information

Click below to download the City's most current brochure that contains:
1.   Information on advertising of solicitations. 
2.  Vendor insurance requirements
3.  Methods of procurement used.
4.  City spending thresholds.
5.  Much more information.

Click here for information brochure.

Solicitation Registration/Current Solicitations

The City of Sarasota currently uploads all solicitations to DemandStar.  Click Here to register.
Coming soon - New solicitation and vendor registration program.  For more information Click Here.
Click here for a list of the City's current published solicitations.


The City is in the process of moving to a new solicitation software known as Bidsync.  The anticipation official transition date is October 1, 2019.  Please make sure that you click on the link below to register on the new site.  If you are already a Bidsync registered vendor, then you can add the City of Sarasota to your notification group.  Bidsync is free to all City of Sarasota vendors.

Click here to register for Bidsync

Current Contracts

Click here for a list of current City Contracts with expiration dates.

City Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The City of Sarasota processes all purchase orders electronically.  Below is a link to the City's Terms and Conditions associated with each purchase order.  These Terms and Conditions take precedents unless otherwise stated.  Any exception to these Terms and Conditions must be approved by the Purchasing General Manager.
Click here to view the current version.

Cooperative and Piggyback Contract

The City of Sarasota is authorized under current City Procurement Code to use existing public contracts, commonly know as piggybacking.  The City is also a member of several Procurement Cooperatives which is authorized by Florida State Statute.  If you are a vendor and have a current contract with another government agency, please contact the Purchasing Division with information about the contract your company may hold.

Current Cooperative Memberships

Cooperative Name Website
National IPA
Sourcewell (Formly NJPA)
Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AE
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)
U.S. Communities
Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC)
Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)
TIPS Purchasing Cooperative
Florida Sheriffs Association

Please contact us if your company is a member of a cooperative not listed above.
Click Here to tell us about your Cooperative.