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City of Sarasota Professional Consultant Helps and Requirements

This page has been established to assist those companies that have consulting contracts with the City of Sarasota or maybe seeking contracts with the City.  This includes engineering and architectural firms.

I.  City of Sarasota Standard Specification and Forms
These specifications were last updated and reviewed on 9-20-2018

History History 

The City of Sarasota hired Atkins Engineering to help develop these standard specifications.  Several meetings were conducted with City Departments to refine the specifications.  After two years of review we have developed what you see on this website.  In further discussion it was decided to make the Purchasing Division the custodian of these documents.

Links to Document

Appendix A-1 - Approved Potable Water Materials Checklist
Appendix A-2 - Approved Wastewater Materials Checklist
Appendix A-3 - Approved Reclaimed Water Materials Checklist
Appendix A-4 - Approved Public Works Materials Checklist
Standard Specifications - ZIP file folder of 119 City Specifications

II.  Consultant Checklist

A consultant is required to prepare this form when they are in final design and submit it to the Purchasing Divisions and the Project Manager.

Click here for the Consultant Checklist

III.  Consultant Evaluation Forms

These forms are used by City Project Managers to evaluate consultants’ performance on different size projects.  Click on the form below to view the evaluation form.

Small Projects
Medium Projects
Large Projects

This form is used by a consultant to determine what permits will be needed for a City Project. May be included in the City's solicitation package.

Permit Form

IV.  Consultant Requirements

The documents are used by contracted consultants to determine the task that will be perform for a designated project.  The list below also includes the standard scope of work for consultant contracts.

Task List
Standard Required Scope