Ready for 100

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Transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy


The Sarasota City Commission committed to 100% renewable energy city-wide by 2045 and for city buildings and operations by 2030. The City spent one year facilitating meetings to discuss strategies to reach this goal. Check out the Roadmap to 100 report which resulted from year one of planning with community stakeholders. 

The official resolution contains more detail and the definition of renewable, zero emission energy used in this planning process. 

The next community meeting will be in July 2019 and details will be posted here as the date gets closer. 


The first four meetings helped identify strategies to reach the Ready for 100 goal while prioritizing energy efficiency and social equity outcomes. The resources for the first series of meetings are outlined below. 

December 20, 2017: Meeting 1: Project Kick Off - Reviewing Data and Identifying Strategies 

                    PowerPoint presentation shown at the kick-off meeting

                    State policy overview document distributed at the meeting- this document summarizes policies that                        impact local renewable energy options

February 21, 2018 : Meeting 2: Evaluating Strategies

                   PowerPoint presentation shown at February 21 meeting

April 18, 2018: Meeting 3: Prioritizing Strategies & Discuss Implementation Plan

                   PowerPoint presentation show at April 18 meeting

 June 20, 2018: Meeting 4: Receive Feedback on Draft & Celebrate

        REVIEWED DRAFT REPORT   and facilitated small group feedback.


In January and July 2019, Ready for 100 meetings will focus on city and stakeholder updates on how implementation is progressing. 

January 23, 2019: Meeting to provide an update on implementing the strategies and a 'what's next' for 2019

    PowerPoint Presentation shown at January 23 meeting (agenda included reviewing data and having  stakeholders provide updates on how implementation). 


If you'd like to learn more or have city staff come talk to your group about the Ready for 100 effort, please contact or call 941-926-6686.