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City Business

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  • City Business - Episode #29, Shuhari Martial Arts & Water+Sole

    In the latest episode of City Business, we introduce you to two more locally owned and operated businesses in the City of Sarasota.
    First, we take you inside a dojo to learn about Karate and Jujutsu. Sensei Mark Baker has been teaching right here in Sarasota for almost three decades! He and his students are a living testimony to the transformative power of these ancient martial arts.
    Next...having a stressful day or week (or year!)? Maybe you want to pamper yourself while you’re visiting on vacation. Then how about treating yourself to a foot massage? That’s right...a foot massage! Water+Sole is a new type of spa offering a modern age foot massage right here in Downtown Sarasota. Water+Sole offers a 25-minute warm foot bath and a deep foot massage, or choose a 50-minute treatment and enjoy a warm foot bath and an upper and lower body massage with extra emphasis on your feet. Your feet will thank you!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #28

    In this episode of City Business, we introduce you to two more locally owned and operated businesses in the City of Sarasota!
    First, it’s time to practice a little self-care as we introduce you to *Epiphany Rejuvenation Sanctuary*. Whether skin care, a massage, or natural nail care, business owner Natasha Crow will help you indulge and reconnect with yourself. Come on in to this “pocket of loveliness” right in the heart of downtown and try it out…you have nothing to lose but stress.

    Next, it’s time for a different type of treat. Head down Main Street to *OfKors Bakery*, and be dazzled by all the tasty goodness. This family business bakes fresh goods daily as well as delicious coffee. Marie and Alex along with their friendly staff will make you feel right at home and help you decide how to treat yourself, family and friends.

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #26

    First, is it about time for a haircut? Consider Jetson's Creative Trend! It's right in the heart of the Newtown neighborhood, which is where owner Jetson Grimes was born and raised. Whether you're a man or a woman, Jetson's is not only a great place for a haircut, it's also where you can catch up on community happenings, and maybe get a laugh or two!

    Next, imagine your favorite popsicle flavor: Is it Cherry? Grape? Orange? Well how about roasted banana with fragrant Indian spaces and French vanilla bean or raspberry avocado lime? They're real and they're right around the corner at Pop Craft Pops, creators of delicious, wholesome small-batch frozen confections. Pop Craft Pops has dozens of unique flavor combinations and uses all natural ingredients. Try one and you'll be hooked!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #25

    First, do you want to eat healthy, but find it hard knowing what to buy (not to mention finding the time to get to the store)?  Problem solved!  White Picket Produce will deliver fresh veggies, fruit, and plenty of other items directly to your door.  A few mouse clicks and you're on your way to good health!

    Continuing the theme of good health, we next introduce you to Open Door Acupuncture.  You'll meet Brianne Horvath and understand the passion she has for the healing power of this ancient technique.  With a very unique, affordable pricing structure, healing and balance are within reach!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #24

    First, get ready to tickle the ivories!  Pritchards Pianos has been part of the Sarasota community since 1967, and has maintained their commitment to selling and servicing pianos and organs.  It’s a family business with a devotion to customer service and just happens to be the oldest authorized Steinway dealer in the entire state of Florida.  They have used pianos as well as the top of the line grand pianos, so head on over to Pritchards and check them out!

    Next, great gift ideas and colorful artwork of a variety of mediums await you at the Artful Giraffe, located in the Historic Downtown Village on Fruitville Road.  The gallery is full of whimsical, happy art and coastal themes celebrating our beautiful Florida gulf coast, and will brighten your day just by walking through the door!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #23

    First…ever wonder what it feels like to fly? Well, these guys can get you pretty close! GetFPV/Lumenier is a local company that manufactures drones and drone equipment. Those are the little flying air frames you may have seen being piloted by someone on the ground with goggles and a handset. It’s an addictive and fast-growing hobby and we’re going to put you right in the pilot’s seat!

    Next, we’ll take you into one of the loveliest nail salons you’re likely to find. Located right in the heart of downtown Sarasota, Paint Nail Bar calls itself “A Luxury Nail Affair”; step inside and you’ll see why! Whether you’re looking for a manicure, a pedicure, or a new color, Paint will take care of you and make you feel right at home!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #22

    The latest episode of City Business turns the spotlight onto two more locally owned businesses in our community.  First comes Urban Auto Sales. Started by Sarasota native Walter Spikes, Urban Auto Sales is committed to helping people in our community get into the car of their dreams. Whether it’s that exciting sports car, or a mini-van to carry your family, Urban Auto Sales will help you hit the road!

    The next business featured in this episode will make you feel like you’re on the vibrant island of Jamaica! Pride of Jamaica is an authentic Jamaican restaurant on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way featuring modern interpretations of classic dishes. What will you find here?  Simple!  Outstanding Caribbean cuisine, excellent service, the freshest ingredients and a friendly welcoming staff!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #21

    First is K9 Korral. Located just off Washington Boulevard, K9 Korral offers a myriad of services designed to make your dog’s life (and yours!) happier. Whether it’s doggie day care, puppy training, boarding, or a couple cans of dog food, K9 Korral has you (and your dog) covered!

    Then we head right downtown to Sift Bakehouse. If you’re in the mood for some delicious handcrafted baked goods, look no further that Sift where Chef Christine Nordstrom’s passion demands only all-natural ingredients and baking in small batches. Everything you need to know about Sift in right there in their motto: “We bake everything from scratch…because that’s how we roll”!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #20

    Please join us for the latest episode of City Business. This episode features two more of our locally owned and operated businesses.  First we take you inside the Artisan Cheese Company. This unique shop is conveniently located right on Main Street, and is a traditional cheese shop with fresh cheese, hand cut to order, and other special products. Come on down and say hi to owner/operator, Cheese Louise!

    After some cheese, why not get some tea? Head over to the Local Coffee + Tea and you won't be disappointed. Nestled in one of the most beautiful spots in town - the renowned Selby Gardens - this shop emphasizes using local ingredients. So, you can help the community, have a cup, and see some beautiful sights all in one visit!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #19

    Please enjoy the latest episode of City Business. This episode features two of our locally owned and operated businesses. First is Victoria Blooms, tucked away on upper Main Street, this is a great place to find the perfect flowers for a birthday, anniversary or just to let someone know how you feel.

    Our next business is Bookstore1, also on Main Street. It was opened by a local resident who felt the City of Sarasota needed a locally owned independent bookstore. A great place to pick up a book, a magazine, some greeting cards, or just browse around, BookStore1 has become an important part of our downtown community.

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  • City Business - Episode #18

    Please join us for the latest episode of City Business. This episode features two of our locally owned businesses contributing to the Sarasota economy.  The first is an art store with a twist: This art goes on the floor! Art to Walk On is a unique rug store that features both modern and antique rugs from all over the world. Each rug is created by hand and represents unique works of art. It’s located right in the heart of downtown so just stop in and check it out!

    The second local business brings Hollywood right here to the City of Sarasota. Started by a group of young filmmakers, TriForce Pictures call themselves “the baddest storytellers in the business”. After watching them in action, you just might agree!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #17

    First, get ready for a workout as we head over to the Rosemary neighborhood. It’s a discipline that may be over 5,000 years old but yoga will leave you feeling young again! Rosemary Court Yoga is nestled in the serene oasis of Rosemary Court and has over 30 classes a week, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for you!

    Next, call it "reuse," "repurpose," or "recycle"…one visit to Circus City Architectural Salvage will simply amaze you by immersing you in a wonderland of American culture that spans decades. From old doors and windows to mementos of a time long gone, you'll find it and Circus City. And the owners don't care if you buy something; but you probably will! This place is totally worth an afternoon of the exploration of our past.

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #16

    In this episode, we introduce viewers to two more local businesses.  First…remember record players and albums? Well, they don’t have to be stuck in your memories anymore! You can head down to Vatican City Vinyl Records and pick up a record or two, or a turntable, or just browse and listen!

    Then, we check out Awesome Orchids. Nestled in historic Burns Court, this locally owned shop has an ever-changing and beautiful assortment of orchids and accessories. The Howes Family started selling orchids at the Farmer’s Market (and still do) before opening their store on Pineapple Avenue. They encourage you to come and check out the amazing displays.

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #15

    First, children of all ages are welcome at Main Street’s one and only toy store…Toy Lab! Whether you’re looking for an old school classic from your childhood, or a gift for your grandkids, Toy Lab invites you to come on in and have some fun!

    Second, would you like to know the best-kept lunch secret in Sarasota? It's Maximillian's Café! It might be off the beaten path on 10th Street, but you'll love the food and it won't break your wallet. It's so good that the regular customers don't want you to know about it!

    Cast: City of Sarasota

  • City Business - Episode #14

    The first may take you back to your youth when you strapped on some roller skates, and rolled around to the latest popular music! It's Stardust Skate Center, and whether you bring your kids for a birthday party, or just come on your own, you'll remember that it's great exercise and great fun! 

    The second business may take you back as well. Remember when people wrote thank you notes? Well, they're rediscovering how valuable they can be! Write-On Sarasota has you covered for all your stationery needs: greeting cards, pens, address books, and much more! Oh, and just in case you need it, they've got accessories for your smart phone or tablet too!

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  • City Business - Episode #11

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  • City Business - Episode #10

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  • City Business - Episode #7

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  • City Business - Episode #27

    First, we head to Burns Court where we’ll take a quick trip down memory lane. Walk into McCormack & Company on Pineapple Avenue and you might feel like you’ve walked into the TV show, “Mad Men". They specialize in what’s known as Mid-Century Modern Design. You may not know the term, but you’ll recognize the style of furniture and works of art the second you walk in. Owners Tony and John will help you with whatever you might need, even if you just want to look around.

    Next, we take you out to St. Armands Circle to a restaurant like none you’ve ever seen before! The Green Zebra Café is a family owned restaurant with a menu ranging from satisfying standards like sandwiches and salads to more adventurous offerings such as raw entrees and raw desserts. Not sure what you want? Elena and her friendly knowledgeable staff will help you decide. One thing’s for sure though, no matter what you select it will be fresh, made with love and attention to detail and you’ll leave feeling satisfied and great.

    Cast: City of Sarasota