St. Armands Special Improvement District Summary

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The St. Armands Special Business Neighborhood Improvement District Board of Directors was established for the purpose of conducting and administering the business and affairs of the District. The Board of Directors are individuals who are subject to ad valorem taxation within the District either personally or through a beneficial ownership in an entity which is subject to ad valorem taxation in the District. The Board of Directors conducts the business of the district in accordance with Ordinance No. 02-4382, which can include, but is not limited to the following: employing a manager, or employees for the proper administration of the duties and functions of the District, contracting for services of attorneys, engineers, consultants and agents, entering into contracts and agreements, accepting grants and donations, cooperating and contracting with other governmental agencies or other public bodies, contracting for services of planning consultants, experts on crime prevention through community policing innovations, environmental design and environmental security, contracting with the City for planning assistance and for increased levels of law enforcement protection and security, promoting and advertising the commercial advantages of the District, improving street lighting, street drainage, utilities and swales and preparing, adopting and implementing a safe neighborhood improvement plan for the District. The Board of Directors consists of three (3) members. Meetings generally occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.