Planning Board/Local Planning Agency Summary

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The Planning Board was established for the purposes of acquiring and maintaining such information and materials as are necessary to establish an understanding as to the type, quantity and effect of current and future development within the City. The board shall also make recommendations to the City Commission with respect to: Adoption of proposed amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan; Prepare and recommend ordinances, regulations and other proposals which promote orderly and controlled development of land within the City in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan; and determine whether proposed development projects conform to the principles and requirements of the Comprehensive Plan. They conduct public hearings in order to gather information necessary to conduct business and make informed decisions relative to development, and are authorized to cause to be made any special studies necessary for determining compliance. The board consists of 5 members who possess the technical, professional, financial, business or administrative skills necessary to accomplish the work of the board and who are residents of the City. Regular meetings are generally held on second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers. The board is assisted and supported by the Planning Department.